Teacher at desk on computer

Our Story

We know that the connections teachers and students have in the hallways and after class are just as important as the ones in the classroom. Oftentimes, those small interactions make the biggest difference. And the research backs this up: these ongoing touchpoints help kids build skills that are critical for success—in school, in their career, and in life.

Teacher at desk on computer

We’ve heard from teachers this school year that without hallway conversations and impromptu catch-ups, those meaningful moments are harder to come by.

That’s why we’re launching Along—a free, interactive video journal that provides a dedicated space to get real about each student’s challenges, interests, and aspirations. It’s for those in-between moments, and so much more. With a built-in library of research-informed resources, teachers can guide students to open up about important topics like stress management, organization, and motivation.

We don’t know when all of our hallways will be full again. But we’re excited to continue building Along with more educators, so that students and teachers everywhere can keep supporting and inspiring one another—wherever they are.

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About Along

Along is a free tool provided by Gradient Learning, a non-profit committed to helping all students feel encouraged and inspired. Founded and run by educators, Gradient Learning partners with schools and teachers across the country to ensure each student is prepared for life beyond the classroom. With the support of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Gradient Learning works with teachers, learners, and partners to offer free services and tools—such as the Summit Learning program and Along.