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4 tips for recording your first Along video

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Modeling your reflection is a great way to get students on board. Students want their teachers to feel relatable and casual, as if they’re having regular conversations. 

So let’s get you camera-ready with these four simple tips to help you hit record.

1. Pop in your headphones

Use headphones to cancel background noises and record a clear message for your students to listen to. This tip is especially helpful for recording a video when you’re unable to find a quiet spot. Plus, wearing headphones signals to others that you’re busy, so fewer interruptions during your reflection question.

2. Don’t overthink it

Just because you’re on camera doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. Think of Along as a space where you can show up as you, flubs and all. So don’t stress if you mess up a sentence or your lighting isn’t perfect. It’s not about how it looks, it’s about the conversation you are starting.

3. Be ready for students to impact you just as much as you impact them

Opening up and being genuine with your students helps to build their confidence in sharing with you. You’ll find that the more you share, the easier it gets, and the more it becomes a two-way street. So get excited about developing your relationships, learning more about your students as individuals, and making connections. Along teachers have expressed how much they look forward to hearing what’s on their students’ minds and being part of their big moments.

4. Have fun

Remember, check-ins aren’t just another assignment. Relax, have a laugh, and enjoy connecting with your students on a whole new level.

Ready to hit record? Find your reflection question today and more inspiration at Along.

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