Cultivate an inclusive, engaging classroom to support student learning

Understand your students better to adjust instruction and create a responsive environment.

Strengthening teacher-student connections are at our core.

We believe that strong teacher-student relationships are foundational to engaging, inclusive learning environments. Creating a safe space for reflection builds and maintains trust year round.

Along provides an efficient way for teachers to hear from students—all while increasing trust and student ownership. Using our research-informed content which is co-created with partners, educators can effectively apply insights to improve instruction.

With Along, connection is as simple as Ask, Reflect, Act.

Teachers choose from a mix of research-informed questions (open-response and scaffolded) or write one of their own to share with students. Students then respond—sharing about themselves and their classroom experience.

Once students have responded, the educator reviews individual responses as well as class-wide data, with support from Along in reflecting on what students want and need.

Using insights and recommendations from Along, the educator then responds to students and makes adjustments to instruction to cultivate an inclusive environment—showing students their voices are valued.

Ask in yellow circle with circular arrows
Reflect in blue-purple circle with circular arrows
Act in green circle with circular arrows

Grounded in research and practical experience

Along partners with researchers, experts in the field, teachers, and students to develop questions and resources designed to build strong relationships, solicit meaningful student input, and boost instructional practice.

Along’s impact

Teachers and students feel an increased connection with each other after using Along.

Educators connect more openly and engage differently in the classroom after using Along.


of teachers said that Along helped them be more open with their students.


of teachers said that Along felt connected to important topics in their classroom.

Students feel more connected to their teachers.


of students said that Along helps their teacher get to know them.


of students said that Along helps them be more open with their teacher.

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