Tools to help you create a responsive classroom environment

Effective, efficient ways to build connection and amplify student voice

A teacher's toolkit

Teachers choose from a collection of research-informed questions or create their own to get to know their students as individuals and as learners. Along helps collect and surface insights for teachers to better understand their students’ experiences so they can quickly apply it in lesson planning.

Teachers choose from research-informed questions

Questions to help teachers learn more about their students as individuals and as learners.

Efficient ways to ask and collect student input

Depending on the question, students can respond via audio, text, video, or multiple choice.

Easy-to-interpret classroom data for practical application

Along aggregates student responses into clear insights and suggestions so teachers can directly apply student input to their practice.

Valuable student insights in one place

Teachers can track past student responses to identify trends and growth over time and coordinate with other teachers using Along with their students.

Engagement dashboard for more visibility

School admins can easily access usage data to monitor implementation and support teachers.

Easy, fast onboarding

Get students started quickly by rostering students automatically via Clever Secure Sync or by using class code.

Build stronger connections at your school today