Small connections
make big differences.

Along is the Teacher-Student Connection Builder
—because better conversations make thriving classrooms.

What is Along?

Teachers can exchange video, audio, and text messages with their students through Along. Choose from our expansive library of research-based conversation starters. Build meaningful 1:1 connections with each student. And do it at your own pace.

That’s why we call it the Teacher-Student Connection Builder.

How Along Works

  1. Pick a question, record, and send your response.
  2. Students respond whenever they want with text, audio, or video.
  3. You reply when you’re ready.

Yep, that’s it.

Real relationships grow from simple conversations

Along builds 1:1 connections between students and teachers at scale. Students feel more motivated and engaged when there are strong connections with their teachers.

Along is here to help.

Ease-of-use means you can do more with less

Along offers a simple, free path to more engaged classrooms—more results with less effort.

Informed by research

Grounded in educational research and vetted to ensure inclusiveness, Along’s prompts create space for conversations on each student’s own terms.

Here for you Along the way

Easy onboarding

Get started with a few clicks. Sign up your individual classroom, or get your whole school on board.

Data privacy commitment

We take our duty to safeguard Teacher-Student relationships seriously. We do not sell data and never will. And, we are transparent about our commitment to student privacy. We comply with FERPA and state laws, and, as a non-profit, we voluntarily comply with COPPA.

Step-by-step support

From technical troubleshooting to implementation, Along offers free help every step of the way.

“Teachers are able to connect with students in a way they haven't been able to before.”
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