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Introducing the updated Along: new features for increasing student engagement

Along product update

This back to school season, we’re excited to introduce an updated Along

We have refined Along — while continuing to offer it for free — to provide teachers with a solution for creating and maintaining connections with their students while also providing a way to capture and integrate student voice. Using student input gathered in Along, teachers can now tailor their instruction to improve academic outcomes and create a more engaging classroom.

These updates are the result of conversations with school leaders and educators, who shared with us that they were looking for ways to increase student motivation. 

Through Along, educators could already build authentic teacher-student connections to create and maintain trust year-round, leading to positive impacts on students’ academic growth, well-being, and social development  Now, Along has expanded to offer teachers ways to invite student insights, in addition to providing actionable next steps based on their students’ inputs about how they’re experiencing the classroom environment.

Check out these new features:

New content and question types

Along’s library of research-informed reflection questions has been updated in two key ways:

  • Multiple Choice: The addition of scaffolded questions will offer students with answer choices, making it easier for them to respond and easier for teachers to interpret their input.
  • New Types of Content: Both multiple choice and free response— providing opportunities for students to share about themselves as individuals, and also about how they learn and their experience around academic material.

Insights and recommendations for next steps

Educators can now access an overview of how their students responded to a reflection question that provides new insights and recommendations for what to do next:

  • View a chart and/or key words that summarize students’ inputs.
  • Access guided prompts to help you reflect on these student insights and how to respond and act upon their responses on an individual or group basis.

Easier onboarding and integration

Signing up your students is easier than ever, with a class by class rostering option. And, based on popular demand, Along now syncs with Clever to offer integration with your other classroom technology tools.

You’ll also be seeing an improved interface and design, all to make the Along experience even more fun and easy to use for you and your students. 

Want to learn more about the updated Along? Check out this webinar on Aug. 3 at 8:30 a.m. PT/11:30 a.m. ET for a demo.

If you’re interested in bringing Along to your school for the 23-24 academic year, reach out to support@along.org to talk to our team today!

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