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New feature alert: Along’s custom multiple choice option offers increased flexibility

You asked… and we listened! Educators can now create their own multiple choice questions and responses using Along. This new feature opens up the opportunity for  educators to learn more about their students by customizing questions to their specific classroom experiences.

Previously, educators had the option to write their own open-ended questions within Along. Now, educators have the additional flexibility to write their own questions with multiple choice answer options. 

The team at Along is continually listening to the needs of our educator community. After conversations with school leaders and educators last year, we launched a series of new features for the 2023-2024 school year that provide ways to increase student motivation. The updates included the addition of new content and question types. Vetted multiple choice questions were introduced, as well as reflection questions about how students learn and experience academic material. 

Educators welcomed the opportunity to use multiple choice questions this year, though they told us that a customized multiple choice option would allow them to dig even deeper into the specific needs of their students and classroom. 

Find the new custom multiple choice feature:

  1. Go to the Along Library.
  2. Click on “Write your own question” on the homepage.

Once students respond to a question in Along—whether it’s a custom written question or a research-informed, pre-written question from our library—you can access an easy-to-interpret aggregate of student responses. Along provides clear insights and suggestions so teachers can then directly apply student input into their classroom practice. 

When students see that their voice matters in the classroom, educators are supporting student learning and the classroom can be a more responsive environment. Ultimately, it’s all about strengthening teacher-connections to help create safe spaces for year-round trust.

Do you have any inputs to share about Along’s features, or want to share how this new custom multiple choice option is helping make an impact in your classroom? Reach out to support@along.org today!

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