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Teacher to teacher: 10 inspiring pieces of advice for early career success

The first year in any career, let alone education, is a challenge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know then what you know now?. We thought so! We recently asked a question on our Facebook page: “Teachers, what advice would you give your first-year self?,” we got so many great answers that we had to create not one, but two separate blog posts.

If you haven’t already, make sure to look at our first post [add link]. And then, check out these 10 inspiring pieces of advice, teacher to teacher: 

“Grades are important, but grades aren’t the thing. Progress. Progress is the thing.”

“Remember that not every kid will learn everything the same way. Be willing to differentiate!”

“Work life balance: you must start as you intend to go. Set reasonable boundaries and remember that you have a life outside of the school and that’s what makes you a great teacher.”

Focus on relationships first, then content will follow.”

“Become a good friend of the secretary and custodian. These two people are invaluable to the school and can help in ways others can’t. To stew and worry whether or not someone thinks you’re incapable is wasted time. Have fun while teaching. Find ways to engage yourself and the kids through song, dance, art, or plain silliness. It creates lasting memories.”

“Relationships before rigor!”

“You may be the only smile they see today.” 

“Do not stress over perfect lesson plans!”

“Learning is supposed to be FUN! Make sure you take the time to learn what “fun” looks like to each group!”

“The work will be there tomorrow. Be sure to take care of yourself! You can’t pour from an empty cup!”

“Focus on building relationships first, then content will follow.”

We love hearing these words of encouragement from our educator community! If you have something to say, join our Along Educator Community and get in on the conversation yourself!

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