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Top 5 most read Along stories in ‘23-’24

What an amazing school year it has been! As students graduate or prepare for the next stage of their education, we love the opportunity to reflect on the year that is ending.

As we compiled a list of our top 5 most read stories on the Along blog, we were struck by the themes that interested our community the most. Educators celebrated with us as Along won a new accolade, and also learned about the latest feature updates on our platform which were ready to go for the start of this school year. Additionally, they were looking for ways to connect with all students in their classrooms, and turned to Along for helpful tips and tricks. 

Educators were interested in learning about our partner organizations, as recognized with our story about working with Transcend making this top 5 list. And, our stories about how Along is used in the classroom continued to resonate. Our most read list includes a piece about a middle school computer science teacher who successfully connected with her students this year in ways she wasn’t expecting.

Take a look at the most read stories this year:

  1. Along wins 2024 Top EdTech Products Awards from District Administration
  2. Introducing the updated Along: new features for increasing student engagement
  3. 5 ways to unlock connection with hard-to-reach students
  4. Belonging, affirming identities, and building connections: Transcend partner spotlight
  5. Making a difference one question at a time: a Middle School story

As you reflect back on this past year with us, we hope you’re looking forward to a restful summer ahead. Thank you to our engaged community of educators for making the ‘23-’24 school year so memorable! Check back on the Along blog for the latest updates about our platform, and we hope to see you all next year.

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