Small connections
make big differences.

Along is the Teacher-Student Connection Builder—because better conversations make thriving classrooms.

Why Along?

Most teachers don’t have the time and tools to develop the teacher-student connections that foster student success. As educators, we knew something had to change.

So we built Along. It’s a research-based, free-to-use platform that helps teachers reach their students—without piling on extra work. Whether you want to check in with students, kick off the school year with some icebreakers, or see how your class is doing, Along is here to help.

How Along works

Ask the right questions.

Choose from a library of Along’s questions, developed to create connections, or create your own. Record your response, and share it with students.

Students respond when they want.

They’ll watch your answer, and then submit their own via video, audio, or text—whatever’s most comfortable.

See every response in one place.

You’ll see who has responded, who hasn’t, and reply when you want.

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Ease-of-use means you can do more with less

With an easy to use platform and an expansive library of questions, you’ll see more authentic connections forming.

Informed by research

Grounded in educational research and vetted to ensure inclusiveness, Along’s prompts create space for conversations with students of all backgrounds.

Here for you Along the way

A teacher’s toolkit
Easy onboarding

Start connecting with a few students or get your whole school on board in just a few clicks.

Step-by-step support

Data privacy commitment

We take our duty to safeguard your data seriously and we are transparent about how we do this. Along is COPPA Safe Harbor and FERPA certified by iKeepSafe.

iKeepSafe COPPA Safe Harbor Certification iKeepSafe FERPA Certification
“Teachers are able to connect with students in a way they haven't been able to before.”

Partnered with the best

Along partners with researchers, experts in the field, teachers, and students to develop questions and resources designed to build and deepen student relationships and inform your teacher practice.

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