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6 ways to recharge over Spring Break

If you’re reading this post, that probably means spring break is on the horizon. Many people see this season as an opportunity to sort through clutter, throw out what’s unnecessary, renew their space –  possibly fit in a vacation. It’s in that spirit of spring cleaning that Along is here to help you make the most of your break and find ways to refresh.

Look below for ways to declutter and renew your focus so you can return to the classroom feeling your best.

1: Say “yes” to self care

Ever heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” Now’s the season to fill it up. From booking a massage, to indulging in a Netflix binge, to getting ice cream with your family, use this break to pamper yourself with activities that make you feel good and relaxed. Pouring back into your cup will enable you to teach with more energy and patience.

2: Double down on healthy practices

We get it — juggling the responsibilities of being an educator with your own day-to-day needs can mean that healthy habits sometimes are put to the side. Bring them back during break. Whether it’s enjoying a full 8 hours of sleep, basking in the sunshine, or taking long walks, this is a chance to refresh your daily routine. You can even use this Along educator practice on taking a Mindful Walk for inspiration.

3: Clean up your work spaces

Often when we think of spring cleaning, we think about the home. But it’s just as helpful to take that mindset and apply it to work. So take an afternoon and declutter your workspaces — whether that’s your desk, your book bag, or even the car you commute in. (Extra points for deleting the emails you no longer need to keep.) Decluttering is a refreshing way to give your brain (and desk) more space. 

4: Practice self reflection

Through Along, your students practice self reflection on a regular basis. From increased positivity to a stronger sense of self, creating space to think deeply about your goals, strengths and weaknesses is a powerful practice. While you have time away from school, take a page from your students and reflect upon yourself. You can journal, meditate, or even further explore the self-reflection questions in Along.

5: Discover the pleasures of poetry

Spring break coincides with National Poetry Month — so get involved with the annual celebration and brush up on this literary genre. Reading and writing poems is an incredible tool for taking a look within and navigating emotions, significant experiences and mental health. Grab a book of poetry, a blanket and notepad, and head to your local park to reflect in free verse, rhyming couplets or a short Haiku. 

6: Shush your inner critic

Often our most persistent critic is the person looking back in the mirror. Instead of focusing on what you perceive to be flaws, turn that critical energy into something more positive and productive. You can start with this Along educator practice: Write a Letter of Self Compassion. This activity will help you accept the unique quirks that make you special. The more compassion you have for yourself, the easier it’ll be to pour back into your cup and to show up for your students.

It’s time to let the spirit of spring cleaning restore your energy levels. Plus, taking care of yourself will set an incredible example for your students when you return to the classroom. So go ahead — relax, rest up and reflect on where you’re at.

We hope you have a wonderful spring break. You deserve it.

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