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4 ways to end the school year strong

It’s almost summer break! Teachers and students alike have pool days and sunshine on the brain. Though it’s an exciting time when the weather warms, flowers bloom, and the sun sets later, the end of the semester and school year can also bring fatigue, burnout, and stress. 

Here are four ways to keep the momentum going and end the year strong:

  1. Use the weather to your advantage. Hold class outside if you can. Incorporate weather-related activities into your lesson or simply go on a walk. If possible, plan a field trip! A change of scenery, even a virtual field trip, can be a fun way to dream of summer days while still keeping the class on task.
  2. Make a summer plan. What should students work on this summer? Talk about the ways they can incorporate core subjects into their summer fun. STEM projects in the backyard, reading a book on the beach, or using math to make a lemonade stand can be fun activities to keep learning going.
  3. Get some closure. Clean and organize your classroom, desk, or workspace. Ask students for their help! Decide what needs replacing or refreshing and what should stay. Give yourself the gift of returning to an organized classroom and a fresh slate next year.
  4. Have fun and enjoy the time you have left together! Next year will bring a new class. Celebrate the accomplishments students made this year, and hold an awards ceremony or other recognition event. Then, talk about what they’d like to achieve next year. Consider inviting teachers or students from the grade above to the class to talk to them about what they can expect when they move on to the next grade level.

Congratulations on another successful school year. We hope these tips are helpful as the semester winds down. Have your own ways of combating the end of the year slump? Let us know in our Along educator community!

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