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7 reasons why Along ♥️ teachers

Hip, hip, hooray! Teacher Appreciation Week is here and we can’t wait to share all of the special reasons why we love teachers. But first, we want to acknowledge how busy teachers truly are. From lesson-planning to extracurriculars, it’s no surprise that you’re often juggling a million tasks at once. We created Along with the intention of making your life a little easier. If you don’t have time to check in with your students individually in class, our connection tool gives you the flexibility to strengthen your relationships when it’s convenient.

While we can’t shower your desks with lovely cards and shiny apples, we want to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by acknowledging all that you do. We could go on and on and on…but, instead, we’ll be sharing 7 reasons why we love teachers.

1) You Go Above and Beyond

From staying up late grading papers to purchasing school supplies in a pinch, being a teacher often means being incredibly generous with your time and resources. Even if your students aren’t aware of just how much you pour into your profession, we know that being a teacher isn’t always easy. Thank you for making sacrifices to better your students’ lives and experiences in class.

2) You Create a Safe Place

In a world where students are bombarded online with images of “perfection,” your classroom provides a space for kids to just be kids. They don’t need to have a certain amount of followers or tech devices to be accepted by you. They only need to be themselves.

3) You Always Have Extra Tissues

Whether students have a runny nose or need a solid cry, they know they can count on you. They can rely on you to listen to their concerns, give a word of encouragement, provide emotional support, and maybe give advice on how to deal with seasonal allergies. 

4) You Bring Joy to the Classroom

Happiness is contagious. If you’ve noticed your students smile upon entering your class, it’s probably because they’ve picked up some of yours. A school year is long and has its ups and downs, but you always find ways to keep it fun. 

5) You Champion the Imagination

One reason we created Along is because students can struggle to express themselves in the classroom. Our tool helps to relieve that pressure. The creative projects you bring to class provide a similar sense of release. You give students a chance to express themselves with journaling, movement, poster boards, markers, colorful craft paper, and glitter….tons of glitter. Providing students with a creative outlet is a gift that keeps on giving.

6) You Share Your Own Story

When you use Along to connect with students, you give a piece of yourself. You’ve been sharing your goals, memories, and experiences with students — providing them with a blueprint for how to connect and bond. Thanks to you and your ability to get real, students know how to reflect, reach out, and strengthen bonds.

7) You Shape the Future

We know that sounds cliche…but it’s true. Day in and day out, your work with students helps to build their character and strengthen their confidence. In addition to academic subjects, you’re also teaching young people how to give back, care for others, and create change within their communities. You’re inspiring a future generation of political leaders, nurses, doctors, officers and teachers.

Teachers truly are heroes. Because of you, there’s a first grader who just learned to read; there’s a fifth grader who tends to their community garden on the weekends; there’s a 12th grader who is no longer afraid to apply to college. There aren’t enough “thank yous” in the world to vocalize just how impactful your work is. But let us try one more: Thank you!

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