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Connecting with students brings teachers to the profession

When you talk to educators about why they pursued the teaching profession, you’ll hear a common sentiment. It’s all about being able to connect with young people and to help them on their unique path towards adulthood.

Though recent years have surfaced a host of new challenges in our classrooms and well-documented attrition in the teacher ranks, there are many reasons to remain positive about being an educator. The ongoing opportunity to get to know their students, form authentic connections, and to help drive student learning continues to bring joy to teachers’ daily lives. These just happen to be the core reasons why our educator team created Along. 

Another connection that is important for educators is to consider why they became a teacher. Gradient Learning* in association with Project Tomorrow recently surveyed more than 600 educators for a deeper look into the teachers’ current perspectives on teaching and their take on the issues that may be leading some to rethink their careers. While the survey shows that many current teachers are reconsidering their future in the field, if teachers are able to connect back to why they entered the profession in the first place, there’s reason to be positive.

For example, the survey revealed that the vast majority (80%) of teachers claim they feel more job satisfaction when they are supporting students beyond just academic development. When educators are able to build and maintain strong teacher-student connections, they are not only helping their students grow as whole people, but they are finding joy in their work as educators.

Additionally, the survey showed that a majority of teachers (73%) and school leaders (80%) believe that fostering a school culture of positivity and collaboration is a “very valuable” potential solution to address the teacher retention crisis. One of the core foundations of a positive school culture is teacher-student connections. 

Here at Along, we continue to improve and innovate around ways we can bring joy to teachers. Through the power of connections that can be built and maintained all year long with Along, teachers can truly get to know each student and understand what matters to them while helping to create a positive culture throughout an entire school community. 

These one-on-one connections matter. They make students feel like they are seen by a trusted adult. And for educators? They make each day a world of possibility in the ways they can impart knowledge and open up doors for their students. 

You can read the full Gradient Learning Poll here. And, if you’re interested in learning more about Along, check out our “How it Works” page


* Gradient Learning operates Along.

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