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Why a high school senior values teacher connections


High School Student

Hey everyone. I am Brandon, a high school senior who uses Along for the purpose of communicating one-on-one with my teacher, my way. Ever since we started using Along at my school, I have seen a change in my peers. 

At my school, we have weekly meetings with a teacher mentor. We can rely on our mentors for life and educational advice, or just to vent. I have heard from some of my peers that they do not like mentor meetings because they feel awkward. But once Along was introduced as part of our mentor communication, I felt a shift in opinion on mentor meetings in my class. Students who want to share about themselves, but not face-to-face, started feeling like their bond with their teacher got stronger. Not to mention, they’ve told me that Along has helped them feel less scared to have face-to-face mentor meetings because Along allowed them to get to know their teacher in a way that they feel comfortable.  

Personally, I will share anything with anyone who wants to hear it. And for a long time, I thought that everyone thought the same as me. I would get confused when my peers told me they didn’t like having mentor meetings because they didn’t want to share things with their teacher face-to-face. 

Even myself, as the social butterfly that I am, love Along. I have sent my teacher videos in response to an Along reflection question. There are times when I am comfortable having mentor meetings at the back of the classroom with people in the room if it’s something more casual. But there are times when I just need someone to listen to what I have to say. Along helps my teacher be a listening ear to many students at a time, while also taking into account her schedule.

I am about to graduate, and I am sad that with my high school memories, I will also leave Along behind. If I would’ve had Along as a freshman, I would’ve likely felt that the bonds with my teachers blossomed a lot sooner than they did without it. Even in middle school, having something like Along to be able to communicate in my own way to my teacher for whatever I needed would’ve made life so much easier. Along feels like the FaceTime call you have with someone you trust. Whether it’s about a class, a show I’m watching, or something stressing me out in my life, Along allows my teacher to be there for me in the way I need it.

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