Over the past few months, Gradient Learning has partnered with teachers, students, and school leaders to shape Along and make it a space for meaningful connections. We’re working hard to make your experience on Along even better, and would value your feedback. In the meantime, feel free to check out answers to the most common questions we’ve heard so far:

What is Along?

Along is a free, interactive video journal that helps teachers guide students to reflect and grow all year long. Based on the concept of a dialogue journal, Along brings research-informed resources and efficient communication into a dedicated space where every student can feel seen and heard.

Gradient Learning is committed to helping all students feel encouraged and inspired. Founded and run by educators, our nonprofit partners with schools and teachers across the country to ensure each student is prepared for life beyond the classroom. With the support of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, we work with teachers, learners, and partners to offer free services and tools—such as the Summit Learning program and Along.

Who is Along for?

Along was designed for upper elementary, middle and high school grade levels.

Along can only be used by teachers from registered school domains. Those teachers are required to let their school leaders and their students’ parents know about their use of Along for the classroom.

How does Along work?

Along makes it easier for teachers to get to know students and guide their growth. Within Along, teachers browse a library of research-informed resources designed to help students open up about important topics like managing stress, staying motivated, and getting organized. Once a teacher selects a reflection prompt, he or she has the option to share their own video along with the prompt to individual students, or the whole class.

Students are notified via email once they receive a reflection prompt from their teacher. They can then use video or text to reflect and respond in their own way, and only to their teacher. Teachers can then use their dashboard to view, organize, and easily build on student reflections all from one place. Through weekly reflection questions and activities, teachers are able to show that they are listening to their students, guiding them through challenges, and collaborating on plans and goals.

What do I need to get started with Along?

Along is currently available on desktop (Chrome) and mobile web (Chrome, Safari). For the best experience, we encourage teachers to use the desktop version. Students can access Along using desktop or mobile web.

In order to sign up for Along, teachers and students must use their registered G Suite for Education school email addresses. Support for Office 365 will be coming soon.

Who can view student videos and messages on Along?

While teachers can share reflection prompts with individuals or groups of students, student responses go only to their teacher.

Parents who are interested in their child’s experience on Along can either ask their children to show them their communication activity with their teachers, or reach out to their teachers or school leader to request access.

Along maintains a record of teacher and student communications which can not be modified or deleted until students or teachers delete their accounts, or the accounts are otherwise deleted per Along's retention policies. This ensures that everyone can connect safely and confidently on the service. If users, parents, or a school leader needs access to this record, they can make the request from within Along itself or contact our Support Team: support@along.org.

What if I come across a concerning video?

If users have any concerns with content they see on Along (for example, if certain messages violate our Code of Conduct or User Agreement or otherwise contain concerning content), teachers or students can take the following actions:

  • Access their communication activity on Along, which they can choose to share directly with their school leader.
  • Flag the content directly within Along
  • Email report@along.org

How does Along keep student data safe?

Your safety is really important to us. We design our practices with privacy and security in mind, and take steps to safeguard student data, including:

  • We do not and will never advertise to students, sell student data, or share it with third-party marketers.
  • We also comply with FERPA and COPPA, as well as the Student Privacy Pledge, which commits us to use student personal information only for educational and school purposes. You can learn more about how Along keeps your information secure in our Security Whitepaper.

We also believe that keeping the community safe on Along is a shared responsibility. Here are some of the ways we make this easier for educators, students, and families:

  • Teachers and students can easily report concerning content or interactions, or access their communication log so they can share it with a parent or school leader.
  • We work with verified school leaders—and, as appropriate and mandated by law, local authorities such as child protective services—to address any safety concerns.

We’re working hard to make Along a safe environment for teachers and students. As always, if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team: support@along.org.

How can I delete my account?

Teachers and students can control their own data in Along.

  • If students want to delete their account, they can contact their teacher or reach us directly at support@along.org. We will notify their teacher and school leader and the account will be removed from Along within a week of the student’s request.  
  • If teachers want to delete their account, all associated student content will also be deleted and their verified school leader, along with their students on Along, will be notified as we work to delete teacher and student data over a 30 day period.
  • Account deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. To help teachers and schools manage educational records, we will retain student and teacher information for up to 30 days after a deletion request has been made. At the end of that time period, we will delete student and teacher information within 30 days. Please note that we may retain information beyond these windows to protect the safety and security of users on Along. For example, we may pause content deletion if specific content has been reported for violating Along or school policies. For more information, please see our Data Privacy Addendum and Privacy Policy.

I have more questions about Along. How can I get in touch?

If you have a question about anything that isn’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team: support@along.org.