How It Works

An easier, more meaningful way to check-in

Get a dedicated space to guide student growth—whether you’re back in the classroom or teaching remotely.

Spark rich dialogues

Teachers select from a library of research-informed prompts to help each student—or the entire class—open up about important topics like staying motivated, managing stress, and setting goals.

I was really impressed by the level of questions—creative, good variety, and they were grouped in categories that would serve me. Along helps me save time and quickly press into something more deeply with my students.

Kellye B., 9th Grade Teacher

Escondido, CA

Check-in one-on-one, wherever you are

Students share weekly reflections directly with you using short video or text—in their own way, on their own time.

When you’re in class doing lessons, you don’t really have time to connect with your teachers. Along has given me a chance to get to know my teachers on another level. I look forward to Fridays because that’s when my teacher and I usually use Along to check-in—that’s my time to let them know what’s going on with just me.

Leilani S., 9th Grader

Escondido, CA

Stay on top of student connections

Teachers use their dashboard to view, organize, and easily follow up on the reflections students share.

Along doesn’t feel like “one more thing” on my list. My investment is three minutes, while my kids invest 15-30 seconds. In the end, I look at my kids’ responses and they make me laugh, they make me smile. The benefits are two-fold—I win on the academic side because I built relationships with my class, but the world wins because we have young people who can battle adversity a little bit better. 

Kimi S., 12th Grade Teacher

Milpitas, CA

Connect safely and authentically

Teachers and students can access their communications activity at any time, which cannot be modified by anyone. All of your interactions on Along stay secure and transparent.

Students felt comfortable enough to be on camera—that’s really as close to human contact we're going to have. In these videos, I see the kids, they're just happy to be able to talk to somebody that's probably not their parents or their siblings. I could tell they were really ready for this.

Danny M., 10th Grade Teacher

Kansas City, MO