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6 words that describe why the Along team loves teachers

There’s a unifying memory that so many of us have: a time that a teacher said something to us that showed that they cared and changed our perception of what was possible. 

Teachers are so impactful to their students day in and day out, and it’s because they are shaping the lives of their students in so many countless ways. All of our future inventors, scientists, and artists find encouragement and inspiration to persevere because they have teachers in their corner, urging them on.

Here at Along, we believe strongly in the power of teachers. It’s through connecting with teachers that students find motivation to expand their horizons, to be open to learning even when it’s challenging, and to come up with new ideas to contribute to the world. 

During Teacher Appreciation Week—but also all year long!—we want to thank teachers for their tireless efforts to engage with all students and to spark their curiosity. We recently asked team members to share why they love teachers, and here are their answers encapsulated in 6 key words:

1. Committed

As a former teacher, I appreciate their commitment to students, their academic growth, their social emotional growth. Teachers are just these lovely unicorns that help our students grow, and are all around very committed individuals. I love, love, love teachers.” – Kendra Nwosu: partnerships manager, Along

2. Creative

What I appreciate most about teachers is how creative and resourceful they are. I feel like teachers are the most creative people I know in my life. They can make something out of nothing. They are constantly meticulous planners, and creative with time, creative with resources, creative with space. They bring so much joy to kids’ lives.” – Samia Zaidi: managing director of program, Along

3. Passionate

What I appreciate most about teachers is their passion. I come from a family of educators and we got into this profession not necessarily for the money or the income, but for the impact. That passion for helping out students fuels me and my work every day.” – Jared. B. Fries: partnerships lead, Along

4. Supportive

“What I most appreciate about teachers is how they show up every day for their students. How they give so much to their students, not only in terms of their knowledge or wisdom, but how they show so much love and care for their students and help their students to feel supported.” – Jared Chandler: school and district success manager, Along

5. Trusted

What I appreciate the most about teachers is their willingness to be the trusted adult in a child’s life. That made a huge difference for me. I can already see in my own children that it’s really meaningful to them to have a connection with their teacher.” –  Betsy Anderson: school and district success manager, Along

6. Noble

“The thing I appreciate most about teachers is they are very aware of the nature of the job. All the jobs that they could be doing otherwise, all the things that could go wrong… and they do it anyway. They show up every day. It is the most noble job there is.” – Jocelyn Kirkland: school and district success manager, Along

Wishing all of our educators an outstanding Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you for all that you do!







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