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Join our webinar on May 8: building community for diverse learners

When a school culture is grounded in teacher-student connections, a sense of belonging and community can form for all students. And particularly for diverse learners, who have specific sets of needs, creating a positive school climate where they can feel more engaged in learning and in building their social skills is paramount to their ongoing success.

We’re excited to explore this topic further on May 8 during the webinar, “Creating Community for Diverse Learners: How Teacher-Student Connections Help Build Equity-Centered School Culture.” Please join us at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET, when our panel of experts will share research around the importance of implementing a school vision and mission around positive school culture. We will also delve into practical ways to do this at the classroom level specifically for diverse learners, using tools such as Along.

Thanks to our partnership with the Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA), we are able to share these valuable insights via the EdWeb online community for educators. We invite school leaders, district leaders, special education teachers, and anyone who works with youth who learn and think differently to attend for free and earn CE credit. 

The webinar panel will include:

  • Shivohn Garcia, Ph.D., Director, Equity Research and Insights for Understood.org, a nonprofit that provides resources and support so people who learn and think differently can thrive.  
  • Tanis Griffin, Principal, Thompson Intermediate School: an expert in implementing innovative and effective programs and tools to enhance teaching and learning across the Pasadena Independent School District in Texas.
  • Heather Nielson, Special Education Teacher, Thompson Intermediate School: a specialist in working with autistic students and other diverse learners, who is focused on guiding the development of their critical thinking and social skills.  

Here at Along, we believe strongly in helping all students form their identities and find their place in the world. We look forward to learning together on May 8!

Register for the webinar here

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