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Along is named a top tool for 2023-2024 by Common Sense Education

The start to a new school year is a reason to celebrate! Educators have the opportunity to connect with a new crop of students and help them on their journey to becoming whole adults. We get so amped up when we hear how Along—the teacher-connection builder— is helping educators transform their schools into communities and create thriving classrooms. 

And you know what else keeps us excited about the year to come? To learn that Common Sense Education—a respected, independent source that teachers trust to get advice about technology and other tools to use in the classroom—has honored Along by naming us a top tool for 2023-2024! 

Along is gratified to be named on not one, not two, but on three top tools list for 2023-2024 by Common Sense Education. We are featured as one of 10 Great Free Websites for Middle School, as a Top Tool for Building Mindfulness in the Classroom, and as a Great Resource for Teaching Life Skills

As Common Sense Education notes, “Middle school is an opportune time to expand students’ horizons, and to plant the seeds for critical thinking skills and content knowledge that’ll propel students to success through high school and beyond.” 

We couldn’t agree more, and are excited that Along is part of a top 10 list that specifically addresses the needs of students in grades 6-8. Using Along’s library of research-informed reflection questions, middle school students can share about themselves as individuals and can help their teachers understand how they are experiencing academic material. 

At Thompson Intermediate School, educators have shared the impact of using Along. Thompson educator Kelli Moneyhun told us that their 7th- and 8th-grade students were happier at school because they “know somebody wants to talk to them. They know somebody is going to check in with them. They know somebody is going to be involved in their presence here, so it’s really starting a culture change on campus.”

Through Along’s reflection questions collections such as “Wellbeing in class,” educators also have the opportunity to support students in learning healthy habits, and to open a dialogue about social, emotional, and physical factors that impact learning. So, it’s no surprise that we’re being recognized as part of a top tools list around mindfulness and teaching life skills. Educators can help their students build mindfulness into their daily life and impact their life-long thinking by asking questions such as, “When you are well-rested, what do you notice in your body and mind?” and “When do you feel most joyful? Why do you think that is?.”

As a high school senior recently shared with us, Along can help students feel more confident in addressing life’s challenges. He stated, “Along feels like the FaceTime call you have with someone you trust. Whether it’s about a class, a show I’m watching, or something stressing me out in my life, Along allows my teacher to be there for me in the way I need it.”

Common Sense Education also lists Along as a resource on their updated Classroom Management Apps and Websites list and on their Apps and Websites for Special Education Programs list. And, Along was a Common Sense Best Tools for Back to School 2022!

If you haven’t explored all that Along has to offer, create your free account at Along.org today or book a free demo with our team! You can also visit our Product Features page to learn how Along helps to build effective teacher-student connections and amplifies student voice. 

And, if you need even more reason to give it a try – check out the other accolades that Along has earned recently, including being named one of “6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2023” by Cult of Pedagogy, and earning a finalist slot for a 2023 CODiE Award for Best Student Experience.


How are you using Along at your school or as part of your mindfulness or life skills teaching? We want to hear your stories! Reach out to media@gradientlearning.org, and you could be featured on our blog. 

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