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Teachers asked, we listened: new Along features tailored to classroom needs

Plan ahead and schedule a send of an Along reflection question up to 8 weeks ahead of time.

What does the start of a new semester feel like in your classroom? Is there a sense of excitement, or maybe nervousness, from your students? Whatever they may be experiencing, Along is here to help!  And, what’s even better is that just in time for the second half of the year, we’ve launched a host of new features so you can better support your students.

Over the course of the first semester, we spent time talking to educators around the country to understand how we could continue to improve and evolve Along to make it even more impactful. And now, we can’t wait to introduce you to a set of new features that will help you connect and support student learning. 

Check out the latest product updates:

Act on student insights faster 

Ensuring your students feel heard is critical in building trust and connections, so we’ve made improvements to help you view and act on their insights faster. We’ve made adjustments to the homepage so you can easily see which student replies you haven’t viewed and replied to. Educators can also tab through all student responses for the same question, making it more efficient for teachers to address all students. Additionally, you can sort the insights table by student name, by response date, and by whether you’re replied—all to help you view and address student insights faster. 

More efficient planning

Looking to schedule out your Along questions more than a few weeks in advance? You’re now able to plan ahead and schedule a send up to 8 weeks ahead of time. And, you can link to Along questions directly from the Insights and Responses page! This new feature allows you to share reflection questions more easily with your students. 

Plus, Along now offers 5 content sequences in the library. Each of these content sequences provide 8 reflection questions that you can send out, in order, to your students. The suggested sequences provide an option to explore a series of questions around a specific topic: managing stress; working through conflict, bullying, and feelings; setting and working towards a goal; exploring strategies for learning; and life outside of school. Try pairing these sequences with the scheduled send feature for maximum efficiency! 

Customizing Along to the needs of your class

In case you missed it, we shared in October that educators can create custom multiple choice questions and responses. This opens up the opportunity to learn more about your students by customizing questions to your specific classroom experiences. An additional update is the ability to edit existing reflection questions for even more customization. 

All of these updates are the result of listening to our educator community! We want to thank everyone who shared their ideas with us. We can’t wait to hear what you think about these enhancements to the Along experience.

Do you have feedback about these new features, or suggestions for future updates to Along? Reach out to support@along.org and let us know!

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