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Along wins Tech & Learning Award of Excellence: Best of 2023

Along is helping teachers and students to learn faster, easier, and more successfully than ever before with our teacher-student connection builder. But don’t take our word for it! We’re honored to share that Along has earned the Tech & Learning Award of Excellence: Best of 2023.

Winners were judged by a panel of educators and technology experts on how well their tool supports teaching and learning no matter the learning environment, whether face-to-face, remote, or anything in between—while also being easy to use and providing high value, versatility, and utility. Along also had to showcase how we’re helping to address critical challenges facing education today.

This award is even more exciting because it adds to our collection of ongoing accolades. We recently received the 2024 Top Ed Tech Product Award from District Administration at the Future of Learning Technology Conference (FETC). Earlier this school year, we also earned numerous “top tool” nods from Common Sense Education. And, we’ve been honored by multiple other educational influencers including Cult of Pedagogy and CODiE.  

Amidst all this excitement, we’re continuing to innovate so that Along helps meet the evolving needs of the classroom. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for an announcement about updated ways you can tailor Along for your classroom!

And, while we love being honored by the education community, it’s really the stories that you share with us that inspire us the most. Educators around the country love to reach out and tell us how they’re using Along to make a difference in their classrooms. 

For example, Sophia Yargo, from Struthers High School in Ohio, shares an Along reflection question to her 9th graders each week on “Write About it Wednesdays. “Every Wednesday when they come in, I project an Along question on the board,” she shared. “It’s important to consider what my students are feeling right now, how I can make them feel more confident, and to be able to help them learn. Having a platform to establish relationships with them in a meaningful way helps them feel heard and impacts how I shape instruction.”

Ashley Snider, from Davie County High School in Mocksville, N.C., starts off the week with an opportunity to reflect and connect with her 11th and 12th graders that she calls “Mirror Mondays.” During the first 10 minutes of class, students respond to an Along reflection question. “I want them to have a connection with me, and I want them to have a moment of reflection about themselves, to really be able to see themselves,” Snider said. “They’ve experienced a great number of changes and challenges, and we don’t really teach them to be analytical about themselves and to work on those soft skills that they will need to have after high school.”


If you want to learn more about other Tech & Learning Award of Excellence: Best of 2023 winners, check out the full list.

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