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Top 5 blogs of the year

With the second semester drawing to a close, we thought it would be inspiring to revisit our top-read stories from the past school year! Throughout the 2022-2023 year, we’ve prioritized sharing information that helps with your teacher practice inside the classroom, gets you excited about connecting with students, motivates you to pursue your own passions, and highlights the latest news and updates about Along.

Take a look at our top 5 most visited blogs:

Number 5: Pleasantries are not enough

What would you do if a student responded to your morning greeting with the answer: “what if it’s not a good morning?” Our partnerships manager here at Along, Addae Cox, shared his experience as a teacher in Brooklyn when a student did just that. He recalls how this inspired him to recognize that knowing his students wholeheartedly and unconditionally should be the essence of teaching.

Number 4: New collections: what do students really want to talk about?

At Along, we started the second semester strong by asking students what they really want to talk about.. In joint partnership with Character Lab, we launched two new collections of reflection questions created directly with high school students. The Conversation starters, from students and Growing and learning, from students collections were crafted with student input to help build even more meaningful teacher-student connections.

Number 3: Along earns spot on TIME 2022 best inventions list

Coming in as our third most-read blog this year is the reveal that Along was selected for a “Special Mention” on the Best Inventions of 2022 list by TIME. All of us were doing a happy dance when we found out too! Receiving this accolade puts us in good company with an elite group of products, software, and services that are solving compelling problems in creative ways. We created Along to help teachers and students build meaningful connections every day, and awards like this keep us focused on continuing to innovate for our educator community. 

Number 2: Along is a 2022 best tool for back to school

Just as students started filling school hallways for a fresh new year, our team at Along was feeling especially proud. That’s because we were chosen by Common Sense Education as a “Best Tool for Back to School.” Common Sense Education is a trusted, independent source that teachers turn to for advice about technology and other tools to use in the classroom, and we thank them for acknowledging Along! 

Number 1: 5 ways to prioritize self-care

It’s always the right time to give yourself some TLC! This blog is a good reminder that we all need to treat ourselves with quick breaks, mindfulness walks, or time with friends to stay energized. Connecting with students can also help educators stay centered on why teaching is such an amazing profession. 

We wish all of you a wonderful summer ahead! If you have any ideas of content you’d like to see on our blog, please reach out to media@gradientlearning.org

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